Friday, November 26, 2010

How You Should Talk to Your Dog

So you go on a caravan and you before you go you looking for cheap courier insurance to ensure that you get the best one that suits your needs. You then pack up your goodies and along with your family you are off. You make sure that you take along your dog. It is for sure that you are fond of your dog but especially on a trip, are you successful in making him listen to what you say? Are you sure that he understands what you command? Are you disappointed that he ignores your commands? If your answers to these questions are in the negative, then follow the steps given below that show how you should talk to your dog.

You should take the act of training your dog seriously. It is advisable to act like you mean it when you talk to your dog. This makes him understand you and your intentions better.

Try to make eye contact with him. This again would go a long way in getting him understand your commands better. Do your best to get his attention. Once you fail to get his attention, you give room to his misunderstanding your commands and intentions.

Try to keep your voice a bit low when you are commanding your dog. While doing so try to be more emphatic too by speaking clearly.

Adopt a training voice and stick to it at all times. Be consistent with your training voice so that your dog recognizes your training voice and also your commands. On the contrary, a questioning voice would confuse your dog and make him neglect your commands and intentions. If you still find your dog ignoring you, then do your best to set right his behavior. This is how you should talk to your dog.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dog Training Basics

When getting a new dog or puppy, there’s so much to learn that sometimes the training aspect can seem like something you can put on the back burner; something to do later on when the dog is settled in. This is wrong. As anyone who has kept a dog for a long time knows, training should begin immediately. Here are a few tips which should help point you in the right direction:
1) Two or more people need to train the dog, to begin with. Why? Because otherwise the dog will associate only the ONE person with training, and they may be confused and not understand that, in fact, they are to behave and follow orders with all members of the family. Be strong together with your dog and make sure that manual handling train the trainer - if one of you is weak, it will be the dog training them!
2) Limit the number of words you use: remember, your dog has a very small brain that works perfectly for sniffing, playing, and all the other things that he or she needs to do. But the dog is never going to master the English language! So use a limited variety of words and make sure that you stick to these rigidly. Don’t confuse them, in other words. Later on you can introduce some new ones, but only consider doing this once your dog has got the hang of a few to begin with.
3) Don’t reward your dog unless he or she really deserves it: this may sound obvious, but many owners feel that they should consistently reward their dog in an effort to make training more fun. This doesn’t work. Start off by rewarding your dog only when it does what it is told and things will be a lot easier later on in life.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pet Boarding and Sharing

We all have friends. But very few of us have friends who give everything to the friendship without expecting anything in return. They are always there for you, no matter what and sometimes even give up on things that matter a lot to them just to see you happy. Pets can easily fall into this category of friends. Unconditional love is what you get when you bring a pet home. Unfortunately most pet owners are not able to reciprocate in equal measure. Some may just be too busy with everyday life and some probably do not realize that pets are sensitive creatures and need proper care and attention. You owe it to them once you bring them home to provide for their health, food, shelter and comfort.

If for some reason you are not able to give your pet the time and attention required in spite of your best efforts and still care enough for their well being, you now have many options available that will ensure that your pet is taken care of when you cannot. For one, you can go in for pet sharing. This option works well when you have to travel on work frequently and cannot afford to leave a pet alone at home when you are not there. With pet sharing you know your pet is taken care of in your absence (and not just put into a generic storage unit) and you can get to enjoy its companionship when you are back home. You also have pet day care centers that offer their services to people who are not able to be there for their pet always. These day care facilities will be able to take care of your pet everyday while you are at work or for longer periods as well when you need to get away on a vacation or a business trip. So if you long for a pet but think that you may not be able to care for it always, do not fret because you now have various options that offer to care for your pet while you cannot.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Name For Every Pet

Before you decide to bring a pet home, there are a number of factors that are taken into consideration such as type of animal, breed, the vet London you are going to register with, the size of the pet and your home and the preference of the family members. However, not many decide upon the name that they wish to give to the pet before they bring a pet home. Often you see family members gathered around the pet on its first day at home, trying to come up with a name that’s most suitable.

Well now you no longer need to be limited by people’s imaginations or resort to just going by whatever the children of the house suggest. Turn to technology and browse through websites that offer you information on everything you need to know about bringing up a pet at home. There are websites that are virtual databases of millions of pet names of all types. You get to choose from various categories of names that are based on a number of factors such as breed, color, gender among others. You even have twin names in case you get a pair home. You have names based on different languages, names based on the personality of the pet, names based on cars, popular names, names based on celebrities and what have you. All you need to do now is pick one of these websites, choose the category you would like to pick the name from and go through the plethora of options available, all just a few clicks away.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pet Memories

Losing someone dear to you is an experience you would wish you never had to go through. It is however, inevitable and the cycle of life has to continue. Losing a pet can be just as devastating as losing a family member. This is especially true in the case of older pets that have been with the family for a long long time and are treated almost as children. Kids are the ones who are the most affected with the death or loss of a pet. When a pet gets lost, they at least have the hope that one day by some miraculous stroke of luck, their pet would be returned to them. With death comes a finality from which there is no escape. To me, putting pets down must be one of the hardest vet jobs out there...

Different people have different ways of grieving and cherishing memories. Children can be encouraged to create scrap books containing pictures, anecdotes and other things that would remind them of the fun filled times spent with their pets. You could create a memorial either within the home or outside where the pet may be buried. You could have the pets’ picture printed on coffee mugs, so you are assured of an instant smile on your face every time you pick up your mug of coffee. Children can have their pet’s picture printed on bed sheets, pillow cases and curtains.

A number of pet stores offer customized solutions for everything concerning pets. If you need help to decide how best your pet can live on in your life despite not being physically present, you can browse through the various services offered by such stores and discuss your ideas with them.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cooling Paws This Summer

Those with a proclivity toward the warmth of the sun and the outdoors look forward to the arrival of summers. And if they happen to be a pet owner, then in all likelihood the feeling would be mutual because animals by nature take to the outdoors like they belong there, which they do in actuality. However, the season is not just fun and sunshine. Pet owners also need to exercise caution and keep a few tips in mind during summers to ensure that their pets stay safe and healthy.

  • If you allow your pet to ride in the car with you, ensure that you do not leave your pet sitting inside for long especially if you are not parked under some shade while you attend to your errands.
  • Ensure that your pets’ water bowls are full at all times. While dogs need their daily exercise it would be wise not to let them overdo it during summers to avoid exhaustion.
  • When you are enjoying some outdoor time with your pet especially dogs ensure that they are either on a leash or if you would like to set them free they are at least wearing a collar with identification tags.
  • Discuss summer ailments with your vet and get your pet vaccinated if required. Most people working vet jobs in London will also be able to give you tips on keeping a dog in the city.
  • Garden and lawn care usually peaks during summers and that’s when the pesticides and fertilizers come out. Ensure you pet stays away from the area being tended to, to avoid accidental ingestion of harmful chemicals.

Just a few tips like these can ensure that your pet sails through the summer with you while staying fit and healthy too.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

How to solve your cats Fear of Sudden Movement

Cats are one of the most loved pets around and if you have a cat as a pet one of the problems you may have noticed with your cat is that he has a fear of sudden movements by people. This may be because of a number of reasons.

Just like when a person lives in a new home, it takes some time to adjust to the new environment, cats also face the same problem and may have some behavioral problems that you may not have seen ever. This can lead to their existing fears. Cats are meek creatures and are easily intimidated by humans and their sudden movements.

Some cats will lose control of their emotions and react in a slightly different manner that may also be violent. It is important to ensure that your cat is in an environment where they know that they do not need to be afraid in.

It would be a good idea to block the entry of other cats in that area where your cat is and keep your cat secure in order to help your pet gain its confidence and not react violently upon any sudden movement.

Behavour modification techniques can also be used to help your cat. This will require a consistent approach and may also need the services of a good cat trainer if you cannot do it yourself.

Please keep in mind that this behavior change will take soon time. So you will need to be patient with your cat throughout the process.

It is very important to understand the different behaviours that may lead to your cat behaving in a different manner than what is accepted from it. You can also use certain medications that the vet may prescribe to get your cat’s emotions under control and help the cat live a happy life ever after, however if you are going with this option, it may be prudent to look for vet jobs that specialize in this affiliction.